Training returns in October 2018

We are currently on Winter holidays and will be returning in October. To be notified as soon as registrations open, please fill out the form above.

Spending time with my son and getting fit together is the highlight of my Saturday morning. We run around and it feels more like fun than fitness. His favourite part is chasing me and my favourite is seeing him so happy and engaged.

Andrew - Family

It’s great to exercise with – and be motivated by – like-minded people. I’m a middle-aged woman and did something to improve my fitness because I didn’t want to end up being old and unfit! The HBF Fitness classes have transformed my mind and body into something I am now proud of.

Lauren - Beginner

My initial reason for attending the sessions was to increase my fitness. What I found was a fun and positive activity that supported my physical and mental health, while also being engaged in the community.

Rodney - Intermediate

I absolutely love going to train in the city. The sessions are tough, challenging and fun. There’s always a great atmosphere and the regular faces have become friends. It’s helped me improve physically, mentally and socially and I have done things that were once never possible.

Steven - Advanced