Improve your fitness

This season will focus on functional fitness, designed to improve your ability to perform everyday tasks, such as squatting down to attend to a child or carry shopping. It’s about using the whole body to perform tasks in a way that the body is actually designed to move.

Warm up

Our easy warm up will get you ready for your workout

Strength training

Increase your strength to improve your endurance and reduce injury risk

Group cardio fitness

Increase your heart rate with our fun group cardio activities

Cool down

Stretch it out and bring your heart rate down at the end of the session

The HIIT sessions were a great way to mix up my training. It was over before I knew it and really got my heart rate up. The trainer was fantastic too.

Aaron - HIIT

It’s great to exercise with – and be motivated by – like-minded people. I’m a middle-aged woman and did something to improve my fitness because I didn’t want to end up being old and unfit! The HBF Fitness classes have transformed my mind and body into something I am now proud of.

Lauren - Beginner

My initial reason for attending the sessions was to increase my fitness. What I found was a fun and positive activity that supported my physical and mental health, while also being engaged in the community.

Rodney - Intermediate