by Marco Barciela De Assis, HBF Health Services Consultant

fun exercise

Do you want to exercise, but find it boring? Do you see others “loving it”, but can’t seem to replicate that feeling for yourself?

We all understand that exercising comes with many benefits. But how do we make it more enjoyable and easier to achieve our goals?

Apart from attending HBF Fitness sessions (blatant plug), here are some tips to help you out:

1. Find exercises that you like – you’ll start having that “feel good feeling” after each session. Play a team sport with friends, take up paddle boarding, or dust off your roller blades. Whatever it is, make sure it’s fun – it will help to give you the initial motivation you’ll need to keep on going.  Think about what you did as a kid?

2. Keep it local – There are so many different ways to exercise so be sure to find something close by. The best of it? It can be done anywhere: at the park, gym, beach, swimming pool, or home.

3. Set realistic goals – this is the key for every single exercise session. If you can’t jog for 5 minutes without a break, don’t sign up for next month’s marathon. Set yourself incremental targets each week – short goals are easier to achieve. Plus, when you see regular results, you will just want more and more…

4. Need help? Look for help – be honest with yourself. If you’re struggling look for a qualified professional. An accredited exercise physiologist or personal trainer can develop an appropriate and personalised exercise program for you. You will enjoy a routine that is tailored to you. A good advisor will ask the right questions to find out what makes you tick.

 5. Make it a social activity – exercise can be a fun time to socialise with friends and being out with others can help keep you motivated. If you aren’t competitive then a gym class, or dance lesson may be the perfect thing. For others who like a little healthy competition you could connect with a running club, get onto the tennis court or join your local footy club.

The content of this article is not tailored for any particular individual’s circumstances. The author does not take into account your physical condition, medical history or any medication you may be taking. Any advice or information provided by the author cannot replace the advice of your health care professional. The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not represent those of HBF unless clearly indicated.