By Kate Bennison – Dietitian APD, HBF Member Health Coach

Green smoothie

Despite often being termed “the most important meal of the day”, breakfast is often forgotten in the business of daily life. No matter what the day has in store, we should all include breakfast. Not only does breakfast provide the energy required for morning activities but will also set the tone for how you feel both physically and mentally throughout the day.

Breakfast should be a combination of mostly wholegrain carbohydrates, some protein and minimal fat.

Some great carbohydrate choices for breakfast are wholegrain bread, wholegrain cereal, oats/natural muesli and whole fruit. Keep fat to a minimum by limiting the portion of certain foods or choosing reduced fat options where available.

Some great breakfast choices include:

  • breakfast wrap – this wrap contains a serve of vegetables and a complete protein source, but without added saturated fat
  • baked beans on toast- legumes are a great combination of plant protein, carbohydrate and fibre.
  • natural muesli with low fat milk/yoghurt and fruit – change the fruit depending on the season and use tinned fruit (without juice) when you run low on fresh fruit
  • wholegrain cereal (eg. Weetbix) with reduced fat milk- look for 50% wholegrain
  • porridge made from wholegrain oats- a great source of soluble fibre

If you’re heading out for some morning exercise you may choose to have something light to avoid the lethargic feeling you get when you have a full belly.

Some great light breakfast choices include:

  • green smoothie – this one is a healthy mix of both fruit and veggies
  • crumpets with jam
  • banana
  • glass of milk

Don’t forget to replenish your energy stores after exercise, again this should be a combination of carbohydrate, protein and a minimal fat. The examples given above are great choices, but if you’ve eaten before exercise it might be an idea to reduce the portion after exercise.

For further information on portion sizes for different foods visit the Eat for Health Australian Guidelines.


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